Why Me?

Because I don’t ask more of you than you are willing to give - well, I might ask, but I won’t be super obnoxious and pushy about it. Your body is constantly doing its best to survive and be the best it can be, disease occurs from having to deal with things that happen to it while tired and stressed. When you become more energized and relaxed you are are more capable of taking on the world and living out your dreams.  Together we set goals for health and healing and problem solve to find the steps that will work for you. 



Private practice 21 years

Studies primarily with Leon Hammer, MD since 1998

Master and certified instructor of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Clinic Director for 3 years of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine clinic

Professor and Clinic Supervisor since 2013 at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine

Primary teacher of Contemporary Oriental Medicine at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine

Mother of two boys starting 2008


Leon Hammer YouTube channel

Universal Awakening www.universal-awakening.org

Lissa Friedman Enneagram lissafriedman.com

Contemporary Oriental Medicine www.comfoundation.org

Paul Linn, floridavipassana.org