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Pregnancy Care

The Baby Marathon

Preparing for having a baby is much like the preparation people do to be able to run 26.2 miles without giving up! Unlike running race, once you are in labor, there is no turning back. You must find your inner strength and pace yourself to reach the finish line. This is a rite of passage, you become a new version of yourself, as you find your way through the process of getting your baby out.

The Flexible Care Options that I provide can be an integral part of your Baby Marathon training. You can work with me at any one phase of your training or throughout the whole time from start to finish.

  • Pre-Training = Pre-Conception: Learn about your body, get healthy, build both partners for optimal reproductive outcomes.

  • Intensive Training = Pregnancy: Build your baby while nourishing yourself. Treatment provides relief from many pregnancy discomforts and ailments.

  • Running the Race = Labor and Delivery: Make it through the birth with stamina and less pain, more efficiently to the finish line. I will come to wherever you are during labor and delivery. In the hospital I will use acupressure only, unless otherwise allowed to do acupuncture.

  • Cool Down = Two Weeks post delivery: Rest and recovery requires nourishing yourself to ensure proper healing and productive breast feeding. Effective recovery immediately after birth can take time so  must be tended to consistently for the body to rebuild and return to a vital state.

  • Post Race Maintenance = Two Years post delivery: Continuing to nourish yourself helps you integrate the early years of caring for your baby. The stronger you are the longer you can breast feed, the quicker you can recover and the better your mental health will be.


Pregnancy Preparation starting at 36 weeks and on:

Depending on the case, you will either come for a full intake or per your midwife or OB's recommendation, be able to come immediately for "induction" or "cervical ripening". Acupuncture and Moxa treatments can help to relax the pelvic floor muscles, open the pelvis, and release oxytocin and prostaglandins, therefore having a beneficial effect on the cervix which leads to onset of labor. Simultaneously acupuncture and moxa treatments can reduce your experience of stress and anxiety allowing for further relaxation into labor. Acupuncture and moxa treatments will also give you energy if fatigue and exhaustion are your main concerns.

Baby Marathon pricing

Labor and Delivery pricing $100 per hour sliding scale

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